BluNet: a good night for a good life
BluNet is the new innovative portable diagnostic system that detects, records and stores biological signals in the PG/PSG/EEG fields
Acquire data with the lightest and the most comfortable system
Check and monitor the traces directly on your Ipad / Iphone!
Analyze data anywhere, with any software
Program the recording with the iPad in the evening. Analyse the EDF+ file in the morning, with the software you are used to work with…

BluNet, a new generation of medical devices


In the last few years, the fast spread of tablets and smartphones has led to deep changes in the use of technology, even in the medical devices field. Flexibility, ease in communication and in data exchange, small sizes and product customization are the goals that medical devices manufacturers have to reach in order to achieve competitiveness.

Even in the PSG and EEG fields there is a strong request of more and more sophisticated devices with small dimensions.
BluNet is our answer to all these requirements.
BluNet is the new portable diagnostic system whose function is to detect, to record and to store biological signals in the PG/PSG/EEG fields.

Our main goals:

  • The impressive size and weight of the device, ten times lighter than the devices commonly used in the PSG/EEG fields
  • The use of wireless transmission based on Bluetooth “Low Energy”, which significantly reduces the power consumption
  • The ability of the device to exchange huge quantity of data with the BluePod app for iPad/iPhone
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