Our mission is to design,

to realize and to commercialize innovative medical devices

NE.RO srl was constituted in July 2015.

Our mission is to design, to realize and to commercialized innovative devices.

We have a strong experience in the HD/SW/FW development of medical devices.

We have a deep knowledge about the PG/PG/EEG medical devices markets. We know their histories, the main actors (companies and people) and the trends.

We want to realize sophisticated devices with small dimensions. The goal is to maximize the patient comfort and to operate in a non “invasive” but effective way.

We want to change the way the physicians/technicians are used to work in the different medical methodics, starting from the sleep one.

We easily forsee the future steps: starting from the sleep sector, we want to bring our innovative generation of devices in many different fields, for many different intended uses, from the healthcare to the wellness.

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