BluNet can acquire an EEG recording in simple steps:


  • Connect easily the BluNet module to the patient
  • Use the pre-wired EEG headcap or single cup electrodes
  • Connect BluNet to the BluePod app
  • Acquire and see the traces directly on your iPad/iPhone
  • Share immediatly the EDF+ files of your recording using the Cloud


BluNet for EEG

The easy use of the technology and the simple information sharing are essential tools to improve the services offered to the patients.
Flexibility, mobility, easy use, possibility to share data wherever you are, let BluNet get in line with the fast changes of the technology.

Even if BluNet was born for the sleep field, the great quality of the acquired EEG traces let BluNet be a fitting device even for the EEG field.

The purpose of our system BluNet is to give doctors and technicians a chance to work simply. With BluNet, they are no longer bounded to the use of bulky equipments and of PC workstations.
They can interact with patients quickly and easily, while continuing display the acquisition on the iPad. Then the data are immediately ready to be use on the Cloud.

BluNet improves the comfort for the patient thanks to its impressive small sizes and weight: the module is connected to the patient using a prewired EEG headcap or single cup electrodes.

BluNet modular system for EEG is composed by the following modules:


BluNet EXG




BluNet Dock Station


Sensors and Accessories

EEG configurations

1 EEG module

The BluNet EEG module can be use in different configurations

Case 1: 10 monopolar channels
A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2,C3,D1 monopolar+ REF

Case 2: 9 monopolar channels + 1 bipolar channel
9 monopolar channels configuration (A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2,C3 monopolar)+ 1 bipolar channel (D1-D3)+ REF

Case 3: 8 monopolar channels + 2 bipolar channel
8 monopolar channels configuration (A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2 monopolar)+ 2 bipolar channesl ( C3-D2 and D1-D3)+ REF


2 EEG modules

The two BluNet EEG modules toghether can acquire 19 EEG electrodes +2 bipolar channels simoultaneaously.

The electrodes’ positioning is made according to the 10-20 International Standard System, the internationally recognized method that sets the locations of the electrodes on the head for an EEG test.


Acquisition with 2 EEG modules


EEG modules key features

  • Maximum flexibility: with just one BluNet EXG module we can acquire the channels for a simple EEG exam.  Expanding the system with the second module, we can cover all the electrodes’ positions, according to the 10-20 International Standard System + two bipolar channels
  • Wearability: the possibility to fix the module directly on the headcap, thanks to its impressive lightness, improves the comfort for the patient, even in the EEG metodich
  • High environment’s interfence immunity: short electrodes’ wires do not form coils and reduce environmental interference/movement artifacts
  • High improvement in the A/D hardware design solutions (higher analogic quality)
  • High resolution thanks to the iPad retina display
  • Bluetooth Low Energy: signals are transmitted to the host software via Bluetooth Low Energy. The signals are stored in the microSD inside the device.
    BT LE reduces significantly the power consumption
  • European Data Format (EDF+) file: data are memorized in an EDF+ format file. The EDF format can be read and displayed with every software of analysis
  • Use of the Clouds for effective communication, collaboration and sharing of information

EEG technical features

EEG (1xEXG Module)  EEG (2xEXG Module)
BluNet Modules
Channels EEG Module (8 monopolar EEG)

channels + REF electrode + 2 bipolar channel

The system can acquire 19 EEG electrodes and 2 bipolar channels simultaneously
Dimensions  22 x 20 x 50 mm  22 x 20 x 50 mm
Weight  27 gr (battery included) 54 gr (battery included)
Power Rechargeable Li-On battery  Rechargeable Li-On battery
 Memory storage Internal memory 2GB micro SD  Internal memory 2GB micro SD
 Recording time  Up to 36 hrs  Up to 36 hrs
 Sampling rate  Programmable  Programmable
 Data format  EDF +  EDF +
 Data transmission  Trasmission of the acquired data to the Bluepod App via BT Low Energy  Trasmission of the acquired data to the Bluepod App via BT Low Energy
 Other features  Input impedence 10 MOhmInput dynamic +/- 4mV

Resolution typ 1/8 microvolt bit . max 1/64 microvolt bit

CMRR ≥ 106 DB

DC polarization +/- 1000 millivolt

One 16bits ∑Δ converter per channel

Programmable sampling rate

Analogic band Lp=Fc=60Hz @ -6dB (II order filter) + Hp=Fc=0,16 Hz

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